Sunday, October 24

A few Things in no particular Order:

1.)If anyone of y'all know a good resource for obtaining kefir grains, I'd love to know! Can you leave me a comment?

2.) We have sort of outgrown our 2006 Toyota Sienna and have gone back to a Suburban, which allows for seating 10. We love this Sienna, it is so dependable and has great safety ratings. Ours has been serviced by the dealership, has a bunch of fancy new things like tires (comes with snow tires too!) and new breaks and because we had five or six kids riding in it, we had it detailed by the professionals (no more cheerios under the seat!). If you'd like more info, leave a comment or contact me at the email address at the top of the page and I'll pass your info along to my sweet, car-knowledgeable husband. One thing I respect and love about Sean is that he always makes sure the children and I have a safe vehicle to drive.

3.) The best part about selling the van? I get to purchase a new bed!!!! We've been blessed to only have bought one bed in our marriage but the frame wasn't the best (questionable wood(?) from China) and I am looking forward to upgrading in size and quality and no longer having books holding up one corner of my bed. :)

4.) Working on getting back to a daily schedule for myself and the kids now that we have a newborn and less sleep added to the mix of life. How about you? What planning ahead has helped with a newborn in the home?


Tanya said...

I'd love to see the comments and follow your transition as we'll be experiencing the same thing in May and I'm scared out of my mind. It's been just us and the twins for 9 yrs!!

Shannon said...

I like for all culture starters, including kefir grains.

Treasures from a shoebox said...

Honestly Hannah, with the birth of each child after #5 (we now have 10 children), I reconcile myself to the fact that life sort of "falls apart" for several weeks but slowly returns to a "new" normal. Keep your expectations low and when more is accomplished, you'll be pleasantly surprised instead of disappointed when all doesn't go according to plan. Enjoy that new baby (they sure don't stay "new" very long, do they?) :)

annie said...

Congratulations on your new baby girl! She is beautiful, and I love the name.

I just ordered kefir grains from an etsy shop:
I don't know if she has any available right now, but it wasn't very long after I initially contacted her about them that she had some available to sell and shipping was quick. We've been really happy with her kefir grains! :)

I'm interested in what others have to say about schedules and newborns and larger families than mine. I, so far, have two children (ages 3 and 1) and getting back into a daily schedule wasn't too much of a difficulty because I only had the two. Getting back into things like regularly baking bread and making detailed shopping lists took a few months, just due to low energy, but everything else kind of fell into it's own routine. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I sell kefir grains on etsy and would love to send some to you. :-) I list them as I grow them, but you can send me a conversation to find out more. Mine are so well liked that I usually have a waiting list. Sorry, but you asked. ;-)


Unknown said...

Hey Hannah! I would be willing to share some of my kefir grains. Are you looking for dairy or water or both? Let me know! I'd be willing to ship them to you. I'm breaking them up this week to share with another friend so I could break some out for you as well. :) You can email me @ se hamm 7 @ gmail . com (no spaces) if you're interested.


Just One said...

kefir: could I send you some milk grains? I got some this spring from ebay but reasonably local to me (WNY). They arrived quickly in the mail in a ziploc and multiply rapidly enough that I have given extra away a few times. I haven't used them with raw milk very often (it's hard to get) but it works fine with homogenized. Let me know. My gift.
(so funny, the id word is quite similar to my foster/adopt daughter's original, and unusual, name. It's a sign, haha)

Laura said...

I think you have done an amazing job of getting ready for your new baby! I hope you can just enjoy this precious time and not worry about trying to accomplish anything but the bare necessities! I remember (after number 5) the first time I got anything done in the evening besides get kids to bed. I darned some socks and thought I had climbed a mountain! BUT that was after several months. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I too have some milk kefir grains that I would love to send to you. I do use organic raw milk to make
my kefir. Let me know. Congrats on your precious little one. She is
beautiful! Enjoy those new born days. Karen