Wednesday, October 6

Christmas Crafting Day 3

A pair of big boy pajamas.
Not a tutorial, because I was in a quick hurry, but here's how it's done in case anyone is interested:
1.) Use a pair of elastic pants folded in half and a t-shirt (in your boy's size) to cut around for the pattern. This is pretty much my default way for making pants for kids. They come out great every time and it worked well for the shirt too.
2.) I did not have any ribbing (why is it no store around me sells it?) so for the neckline I sewed on some ribbing from an old discarded t-shirt. This is the same gray t-shirt I'll mention in a bit.
3.) Once your pajama set is all sewn, hemmed and such, pick out a stencil design for the reverse applique. Mine was found here. I love their patterns but the cost scares me away from subscribing so I use the free portions and study the rest!
4.) With your design on your computer screen, use one of these markers, to trace it onto a sheet of copy paper. I've never had it leak through to the screen, but be careful. If you're hesitant, print out the design and then copy it onto another sheet of paper with your transfer marker. Then position and iron it onto your pajamas.
5.) Once your design is ironed on, cut a scrap piece of knit fabric large enough to cover it (again with the gray t-shirt) and pin this piece behind the design (inside your shirt). You can machine stitch now around your design but I prefer the Alabama stitch method, which is simple and hand done and a great project during movie watching (as opposed to eating).
6.) Finally, you're almost done. Use a small sharp pair of scissors to clip out the inside of your design. That's all!

This was a free project since the fabric was given to me, the t-shirt was upcycled, and the embroidery thread and elastic were in the stash. Love cute projects like this one!


Anonymous said...

FYI..Unless a person has an old glass front monitor it is very bad for any LCD monitor to be drawing anything on it - the pressure can break the pixels that compose the screen and then you would be left with permanent black spots. Just thought you might want to know -

I used to put things on one of my windows to trace and that worked fine.

Love the way the shirt turned out.

Me said...

Thanks, Mom.:)