Tuesday, October 5

Christmas Crafting Day 2

Not so thrilling, I know, but I learned how to crochet beaded bookmarks using cotton thread over the weekend, and I think they are cute!


~ Shannon said...

Lovely! I love how delicate and unique they are.

Your Christmas crafting is both inspiring and motivating!


Anonymous said...

Those are lovely. Would it be possible to post instructions?? Thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

I am currently working on my 1st beaded bookmark too. I am getting the pattern off a library book. I love the thin cotton thread you used. Are the tassels made with the same thread? Great job! I have been praying for the delivery of your new baby. May it be a quick, painless & helalthy delivery.

Me said...

Thanks, Shannon. :)

Amelia, I found a patttern on ravelry.com and sort of/kind of followed those so I'd have to recommend that you check their database (it's free to join) for a pattern.

Imelda, I bought the thread at Walmart and yes, the tassel is made with that same thread. Thank you so much for your prayers for our new baby's arrival. I am so excited to meet him or her!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for info! I have been looking for a new crafty item to give this year!
Enjoy the day!