Thursday, October 21

Adalia Nan

A head full of hair and rolls all around her arms and back, she came. Loud and persistent and sweet with pouty lips.
We stared amazed at her all day, napping, nursing, and deciding her name. It had to be just right.

She is the second largest baby I've birthed, outweighed a few ounces by Aiden, but her birth was so much easier. I was suprised when the midwife told us she weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces because she looked like such a little peanut to me!

Our other children spent parts of the day at friend's homes and once they were back we told them their new sister's name. We named her Adalia Nan. We pronounce Adalia as "ad-uh-lee" and have been calling her Addie for short. Nan is Sean's sweet grandmother's name and as generous as she is in the midst of lack, and as much hospitality she has shown to me over the years, I could not think of anyone better to honor. She has also endlessly loved on my husband his whole life and I love her for that.

Adalia means "God is my refuge" and it is in this way, with all the happenings of life, that He has revealed Himself to me and I love Him for this. I can be weak and accept my weakness and He makes me strong, I'm foolish and He gives me wisdom, I may be gun-shy from losses but He pulls me close. As I sat holding Addie yesterday, I sat with the realization that I was holding the physical, tangible evidence of God's goodness to me.

It is all so much more than I deserve.


Treasures from a shoebox said...

Congratulations on a safe and healthy delivery and a beautiful baby girl! Rejoicing with you :)

Anonymous said...

Love the name and what it means. Blessings overflow at your home!
Marissa said...

Congratulations ...a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl!

Bill and Christina said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful! I love her name too. What a precious gift from God!

Unknown said...

So beautiful.... your gratitude brought tears to my eyes.The Lord is so good :)

Caroline said...

Congratulations on your beautiful blessing! And I just love her's unique and it rolls off the tongue.

Nabila Grace said...

I love her name! It's beautiful! Enjoy your precious bundle of God's love! :o)