Thursday, September 23

Homeschooling with Toddlers Activity #6

Many year and many children ago, I found this metal board at a thrift store with some magnetic numbers attached. It has followed us from home to home and now entertains Chase for a bit when the other children need me to help with their lessons.
The magnets he likes best are from Melissa and Doug, CBD, and a Thomas the Train book magnets.


Karen G. said...

I think that this is a great activity. You can also use it with magnetic letters and numbers to start teaching the alphabet and numbers and point out the colors too. When they are a little older you can have them move the letters around into words. Also those little whiteboards and blackboards from the dollar store keep kids occupied for a long time too.
If you didn't have a metal board, you could use a metal cookie sheet -- the kind with the raised edges works really well but any cookie sheet will do.

Karen G.

Jennifer said...

A cookie sheet would also work well for this :-)