Wednesday, September 1

Homeschooling with Toddlers Activity 4!

Lacing cards! Gotta love lacing cards, and especially cute ones. I noticed yesterday morning in Barnes and Noble that they are now carrying them and if you really, really want some cute ones, check out I noticed some nice wooden and vintage ones on there during a quick browse.
We've found a shoelace (dollar store pack) works the best for lacing since it has the hard plastic end and doesn't knot easily. Yarn is a different story.
Chase loves the lacing cards and even the older kids like to practice their "sewin" every once in a while.
Wouldn't it be great to print out some vintage children's graphics on cardstock and laminate and hole punch around the edges?


Celee said...

Oooh, I'm going to check these out right now. Thanks for the tip. I just posted on how I need help keeping my little ones occupied during school!


Anonymous said...


These posts have been particularly helpful as I try to occupy my 3 year-old while schooling with my older son. We try to do as much together as possible, but when it came to keeping the lil guy busy while we worked on math, I was stumped.

While implementing your ideas I came across one of my own. Maybe you can use this one!

My little guy likes to cut paper, so I set him at the desk next to us with some scraps like magazines, ends of boxes, construction paper leftovers, his kid scissors, a whole sheet of paper, and glue. It occupied him for a full math lesson (about an hour), and surprised me with the cool piece of art for the fridge that he created on his own.

Have a lovely day, and thanks again! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

Karen G. said...

This is a great idea and lots of preK teachers need to use this (or homeschooling moms). It helps their hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. You are a great mom...

mira said...

so happy to discover that you are still blogging. I was a regular lurker until a couple of months ago, when somehow my bloglines lost your feed. Really enjoyed the last hour of catching up.