Friday, September 17

Heart of the Matter

We slid through busy aisle after busy aisle this morning at the thrift store, moments after unloading the back of the suburban at their donation site, and I smiled to myself at the completed circle of giving and receiving.

Among our treasures were a thick stack of boys jeans and pants, barely worn (let me say, my boys are hard on their pants - ours go straight to the trash!), a pull on pair of navy blue snowpants for Aiden along with a Lands End coat. We also found a very cool jello mold for Annaliese, which I'm sure will be featured on her Happy Homemaking Lessons blog soon. A few sweatshirts and tops, hand knit white newborn sweater, and sweet set of milk glass drinking glasses later, we paid our way out ($24) and the boys and I got to discussing how stopping by a busy, unorganized store allowed us to spend on everything what we would have spent on one needed pair of jeans at the mall.
I am so glad to have these daily dialogues with our children. Dialogues and life experiences. I read a quote today that said something to the effect of "children are like wet cement, what touches them makes an impression".
Choosing to home educate a child, for the majority, I would say, is not about putting your kids in a bubble, making them dress weird, or somehow twistedly using them to fulfill a need in your life for companionship. I don't know one homeschooling mama who at one time or another hasn't just wished for a bit of silence or time to catch up on housework. Homeschooling involves the beauty of sacrifice.
For me as a mama, the verse that always comes to mind, no matter what choice of education or parenting is being discussed or proposed, is the first chapter of the book of Psalms where it speaks of not sitting in the counsel of the scoffer. What a great opportunity for us as parents to scrutinize what is stamping into the wet cement of our children's lives is found in those first few verses. This extends into what we put in front of our children to watch, what literature we give them to read and the close relationships we encourage them to nurture. How hesitant we need to be to sit our children in the counsel or companionship of scoffers and unbelievers.

The institution of family is a powerful weapon, either way it wields. If it is magnified above God, it does as much harm as if it magnifies the opposition. If it is used correctly, as the basis for all of life's nurturing and learning and worship of God, it can be a powerful tool against the opposition. If we are deceived and believe ourselves incapable as parents, then what? In my own strength I may be incapable of much. (I am.) In my own mindset, I am lacking in so many areas (I am), but I can boast that in my weakness He is glorified.

Our children's memory verse this week is Phil. 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." The verses surrounding that one are worth reading and meditating on through the day too. You can read the chapter here.


Mrs. Mike and kids said...

Thank you...I needed this today.

Rebecca Ann said...

Amen Hannah! We want our children for every generation of Gods people to know that in our weakness the Lord is sovereign and is our strength! We don't want our children to sit with scoffers and be one of them. We want them to be the light in the darkness. I so appreciate your blog Hannah and I am always encouraged by it! May God bless you and your family abundantly.

In Christ,

Nancy said...

Agree. The family is the strongest unit that can build up the kingdom, strengthen nations, and society.

Always enjoy hearing what you find at the thrift store. Right now I am taking a break from painting a small file cabinet into a bed stand (it is small and one would never know it was a file cabinet).

Anonymous said...

What an encouragement! Thank you so very much!

Anonymous said...

I love the money discussions you have.. we have the same thing here.. My daughter was funny about a drinking container I bought for her to use in her lunch box at school. I got it at the Christmas tree shop for 1.99, one of those metal ones with a lid.. She was like why didn't I just get it at Target.. Well the next time we were in Target I showed her that the same bottle (different decals) was 17.99! (I am not kidding.. A stupid metal bottle with a lid.) Needless to say.. she got my point.
Sue in NJ