Monday, September 27

Cider Mill

We watched 250 lb wooden barrels of apples emptied, the smooshed apple contents layered and stacked between canvas and then swung into place under the hydrolic press, fresh apple cider pouring out.

Here at home, our favorite way to enjoy cider is mulled, served in pottery mugs and sitting around listening to a good story being read.

Mulled Cider Recipe

2 quarts cider

1 large cinnamon stick

zest of a lemon or orange

pinch of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. Add more of any of these to taste.

Heat all above in a saucepan until quite warm.


Tasha said...

Oh that sounds so good! I have been wanting to make some. And we are finally having some cool days.

Anonymous said...

I adore mulled cider! Enjoy!

Lucy said...

can I ask is cider a different drink in America? In the Uk it is alcoholic and until very recently had become a drink for teenagers to get drunk on, although they are trying to make it more "grown up" and saying serve it on the rocks. Is american cider more like apple juice or something?

Me said...

Hi Lucy!
The difference between cider and apple juice, that I know of is apple juice is made by juicing the apples and cider is made by pressing the whole apple, which makes a darker, more tasty drink. It is non-alcoholic, just like apple juice but tastes so much better. I really don't like apple juice. You can ferment the cider, making it into what we call hard cider, which has the alcohol in it.

Leah said...

Yum... I always used to buy packets of "mulling spices" to put in my cider, but I would much rather do it from scratch like this. Thanks!