Saturday, August 7

Why I garage sale...

Hand knit mint hooded baby sweater with back zipper -$3 (Do you see the owls?)
Isaac Mizarahi long sleeved knit top - $1
New w/ tags Chris.Tan shirt dress - $2

antique child's rocker -$5
gender neutral baby clothes - .25 ea
vintage book for family reading -.50


11 turquoise glasses - $3
clear glass pitcher - $2


Diane said...

Love the rocker. For $5 that was a steal! :O)

Lora said...

wow! great finds! i especially love those aqua glasses and the little rocker. :)

Devina said...

What great finds! How blessed you are!

Janel said...

Me too. I also stop along the road and pick things up. Just yesterday I was driving home and saw a pile of chairs. I stopped. There were four wooden, Mission style chairs only in need of seat recovering. Free.

I had been praying about finding dining room chairs in "my price" range. God is good.

Mrs. Mike and kids said...

Aww, I'm right there with you. Where I live we get to enjoy the country side while we're at it. Yesterday my sisters(2 of them.I have 5) and I went to one house that had a wonderful drive to it and then was topped off with a dreamy house with a stunning view! We had a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

WOW you really did great!
Sue in NJ