Monday, August 23

Toddler Homeschool Activity #2 - Stickers

It may seem simple. Maybe even mundane and silly - but stickers and toddlers love each other, especially if you have one like mine who loooves fine motor activities.This would be great if you have a toddler who needs some help with fine motor skills too.

I buy the pack of like 500 stickers from the dollar store and ration them out over the school year, so this has to be one of the least expensive activities ever.

A few sheets of scrap paper and stickers is all they need. I use this (and other activities) for blanket time and haven never had any resistance from Chase. Who wouldn't enjoy a soft spot to sit and a fun activity?

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Angela said...

I just found you via a google image search for maternity skirt (and landed on your orange redo.) I love your toddler ideas and hope to see more. I have 2 toddlers, 3 school age children and a secret that makes me more tired than usual. Homeschooling has been a challenge in the past and I'm hoping to be proactive this year with activities for the little guys. I'll be poking around your blog a lot more.