Thursday, August 26

A Special 60th Birthday!

When I was a little girl, I loved going out surveying with my Dad. We'd tromp through fields (it always seemed to be wet out), following old barbed wire fence lines, looking for that special mark on a tree, or stone at the corner, or pipe sticking from the ground. He could identify every plant and tree and animal trail and I was fascinated.

He'd buy me an orange soda. Which must have cured me of that love because I can't stand the stuff anymore. :)

After my parents divorce, my Dad and I drifted apart as is often the normal sorrowful effect of divorce. When Sean and I began spending time together, Sean would say, "Why don't we invite your Dad along..." whenever we went on a hike or canoeing.
And my Dad came.

I'm so thankful for beautiful gift Sean gave me in helping restore my relationship with my Dad. I'm so blessed by the part my Dad and my beautiful spirited step mom Pam play in my life and the love they have for our children.

On Sunday, my Dad turned 60.

He's such a hardworking, incredible gardener sort of man and I hope he's blessed with many more years of abundant life.

Love you, Dad.


Rebecca Ann said...

How wonderful Hannah! Thats great about the restoration of your relationship with your father! I am so inspired and in awe of the Lord blessing you with a wonderful that living for Him! I am always encouraged when I visit. May God bless you and your dad.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !..

Hannah, cherish your father.. I miss mine every day.

sue in NJ