Friday, August 13

Love and Marriage

We have a certain child, a bright eyed, blessed with a strong personality sort of child that is currently obsessed with marriage.
We're not sure where the interest stems from or what feeds the questions in this little boy's (yes - boy, not a girl child!) brain but they keep flowing, keeping me on my toes and keeping me smiling. He's a meticulous planner all the way.

To me: "But how do I know who the right girl is to marry?"
Me: "You don't have to worry about that, Aiden. God knows, and He'll let you know when it's time. All you have to do now is love Jesus and have fun being a boy."

Another day, another time:
To me: "Does the Papa have to be older than the Mama?"
Me:"No, sweetie, Papa is older than me, but Mrs. Mattson is a little older than Mr. Mattson."
Him: thinking, thinking.....
To me: "I don't think I like that." (sorry, Kelly)
To me: "How old are you?"
Me: "31"
To me: "How old is Papa?"
Me: "33"

Overheard another day, another time:
To his older brother: "Andrew, are there any girl's in your class who I could marry?" (swim class)
Andrew: "Mmm.. there might be one, she's kind of nice."
At which I interject and tell them "niceness" is always good in a wife but ask them - "the most important thing is what boys?" They tell me that she should love Jesus. I smile.
To me: "Mom, so do you know any four year old girls?"

So it seems our five year old is shopping for a Godly wife...


Mrs. Mike and kids said...

Sounds like you've been training him well. :) How many boys out there are growing up being taught that marriage is a serious matter? Bless you for that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning at work !

Sue in NJ

Jamie said...

Love this! Too cute! Sounds like a couple of my boys. I think when children see a godly marriage in their parents, they can't help but look forward to that.

Sommer said...

To cute!

Katie said...

LOVE this. :)

Anonymous said...

Love that thinking brain!!! What a blessing.

Rebecca said...

adorable! I so appreciate that you are telling your children now at a young age what they should be wanting in a spouse when God provides one! So I so appreciate that! Its refreshing and Lord willing I want to tell my children the same thing someday! God bless!

In Christ,

Sarah said...

Cute! When my brother was six, he told my mom he was never going to leave her. That Sunday at church, he walked proposed, in quick succession, to three different teenage girls. Each politely told him "not right now." When he walked back to mom she said: "Honey, I thought you said you were never leaving me?" He smiled sweetly and said: "I'm not mommy. I was going to marry one and bring her home to be your maid."

Janel said...

aah. That's so sweet!

Maybe the turn of August air stirs couples together? With June weddings being tradition and all.

We've had similar questions on marriage this week, only ours have centered around where babies come from... There's a new one in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love it. What a sweet boy.

Alison said...

Ah, how sweet! I get marriage proposals all the time from a little 4 yr. old I babysit. He doesn't seem to understand that in another 20 years, I'll still be 15 years older than him.

Stacie said...

Adorable. I think this is the first time I've commented, but I have enjoyed reading your blog for awhile now. Thanks for sharing.

Much love,
Stacie Smith