Saturday, August 28

Homeschooling with Toddlers Activity 3!

I remember watercolor books from my childhood but they seem to be harder to find now-a-days. These are the good ones, with little dots of paint all over the picture. My kids decidedly do not like the ones with the paint palette at the top of the page.
I tend to find water color books in the most unusual places, like drug stores, and most recently, Joann Fabrics. Whenever we're in the coloring book section of a store, I take a quick peak for them.
And do you notice which hand Chase is using? Could it be I actually have my first right handed child?!!!?

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Anonymous said...

I love paint with water books..
and so do my kids!

I have been getting water color paints at target for .50 a set. It is also washable paint if you have a target up by you.
sue in NJ