Monday, August 9

Favorite FREE homeschooling resources

For all my sweet homeschooling mama friends:
These may not all be intended for homeschooling, but I make good use of them in our home learning:
Making Learning Fun
Mrs. Kilburn's Kiddos
Hubbard's Cupboard
The Crafty Crow
Guest Hollow


Corinna said...

I've used a couple of those sites as well but I'm thankful you've given me a couple of new, fresh ideas to look into. A place I've used heaps is
The free printable paper dolls are used so much in our household - decorating cards, lapbooks or as special gifts to friends etc.
Now I'm off to explore those sites you've given - FUN. Thanks. Corinna

Della said...

You have just made my day. I have been searching for the GUest hollow site, I had it saved once when it was under the other name and I went searching for it, not knowing they had changed the name and address and was so frustrated that I couldn't find thank you!

Mrs. Mike and kids said...


Momma Bug said...


I hope you don't mind me slipping in to enjoy spying on your life a little. I found your blog through an (unknown to me) follower of mine. I read the "about us" page and was enjoying how very similar our lives seem to be - our ages and stages in life.

You look like a fun lady with a beautiful and very blessed family.

Love to you!