Thursday, August 5

Changing Seasons

Even though it is only the beginning of August, we've noticed a bit of change coming to the leaves on the trees around us. Sean mourns over it and I can't blame him - our warm season is much too short. I am excited, however, because with the beginnings of harvesting the garden, canning green beans, sunflowers coming to bloom and the last days of summer comes the anticipation of the arrival of our small, much already loved child in the womb.

Diapers have been washed and line dried and a small box of gender neutral clothing lovingly folded and examined by the little girls in the house.

Since this is the first child we've had without knowing the gender, we've decided to make a game of it for the children and they are working over their guesses for weight and gender. The guesses of the correct gender will get a chocolate bar and so will the closest guess for weight. I vacilate between boy and girl, slightly hoping for a boy for the common sense reason that I gave away all of my baby girl clothes but wishing slightly for a little sister for our family. Needless to say, either will thrill me!

Late yesterday morning we received the call that the judge had ordered our sweet Natalie back into her mother's care. The children and I worked together folding her clothes and packing up her toys. Miss Ella slipped in a few extra things for Natalie that she thought she'd like, which I thought was so sweet. Today, the house feels quiet. Pray for Natalie and her mom with me, will you?

We spent yesterday afternoon swimming as a family in a neighbor's pool and topping off the day with everyone's particular favorite flavor of icecream. Today, life starts a new normal, swim lessons end next week and we'll begin our formal studies the week following. While our homestudy is still current, we plan on taking a break for a few months from fostering to adjust to life and new baby and be refreshed. Fostering takes more out of you than I can describe. It is almost always wrought with heartache.


nocton4 said...

such a wonderful time, changing of the season and getting ready to welcome a new blessing, so very exciting.
love to you all x

Karen G. said...

Foster parenting adds a lot to the life of a family but it is good to take breaks. We fostered for many years and the short breaks we took strengthened our family dynamic and helped us rest, draw closer together and to God and get ready for the next addition. Although we are not fostering now, we thank God for people like you and your family who are! To everything there is a season. Can't wait for your new addition -- I secretly hope it is a girl just because then you'll have 3 boys and 3 girls! Be blessed...

Chelsea said...

First off, congratulations!!
Second, I saw a picture of cloth diapers. Could you tell me what brand you use or if you make them what pattern? I have an almost 7 month old and am switching to cloth but I'm not sure what to get.
P.S. I've loved reading your blog, it's one of the most pleasant blogs I read.

Mrs. Mike and kids said...

I will pray for you.