Sunday, August 29

At Home

Ella turning crab apple mush to apple butter
steaming crabapples, cinnamon sticks, cloves, vinegar and water

Dripping jelly juice

onions from the garden, apples from one of the trees

chocolate croissants made by by talented husband

Another batch of crabapples. In twenty minutes the older kids and I picked 15 lbs off a loaded tree on our road.

Aren't they beautiful?


Bonnie said...

When I was about 10, friends of ours had to cut their crabapple down, but first let us pick it clean. That was *the best* apple butter ever. We ate it like apple sauce.

Me said...

Mmm... Bonnie, it is so good, isn't it? Sean ate a bowl of it this morning. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW.. I never knew that you could do anything with crab apples.. my parents had a tree in their yard for years.. I thought it was to feed the birds.

Sue in NJ

Lydia said...

chocolate croissants?? Sounds amazing! Can I have the recipe please?