Tuesday, August 31

Around Home

We hung around home this weekend and it was so relaxing to putter around the house, working on little projects, and enjoying each other.
Annaliese spotted this creepy crawling fellow and her papa picked it up with a stick, as it tried to bite and poke. Our chickens thought it was a tasty snack. :)

I love being witness to our children learning to read and loving to learn. Aiden is zealous over reading and just finished his eight books to earn a free one from Barnes and Noble through their summer reading program. If your kids have been reading, the book program extends through next week, I believe, and they did have a nice assortment to choose from.
And the papa... the poor sweet papa has been a sneezing headaching sort of mess for a week or so now because of ragweed. Sean stays off allergies the rest of the year by eating some of our local honey each day, but it seems bees do not pollinate ragweed. His doctor sent him home yesterday with two epi pens, an inhaler, and a prescription allergy med to take along with his over the counter one. He's also been doing the neti pot regularly.
The epi pens are a relief to my thoughts since the last time Sean was stung by wasps, his whole self swelled right up. All this goes in the face of Sean being the hardy, outdoorsy husband that he is, so we are all wishing and praying for relief for him

On Sunday he took time to re-string the hammock we bought him last year for Father's Day in between sneezes.

Andrew brought me grape vines as I sat and watched Sean, which I wove and twisted into wreaths. This is such a simple, enjoyable project and I have time to do more before winter.

Today we are staying indoors, out of the heat and humidity, enjoying lots of fruits and water. We'll head to the farm tonight, jugs in tow, to pick up some cold milk.
Enjoy your family and your evening,


Diane Shiffer said...

You know when I had foster children, it always struck me that God- in His infinite wisdom- somehow chose to have them live in a home where they would learn about Him, if even for a brief time. And I felt incredibly honored that my home was the one that He chose. It seems like such an awesome thing to be an avenue for His grace in their twisted troubled lives... maybe the only place where they would ever hear about Him. It's so easy to get discouraged (and Lord know I got discouraged!) but I have to trust that the seed sown during those days or months or years will come to fruition on some fine day♥ So be encouraged! Just because you are not able to see the growth that results from the seeds you have sown and watered doesn't mean that the growth isn't there~☺~
You know... "do not be weary in well doing"... and all that jazz;-D

Tesa said...

Would you be willing to explain how you make your grapevine wreaths? We have a beautiful grapevine that grows all down our fence line. Every year I dream up ideas of making wreaths- but in the fall when they dry up they are always a tangled awkward mass. It has never occurred to me to do it while the vines are still green...

Bonnie said...

My husband swears by local honey for *milder* outdoor allergies. We've been staying inside as well do to the heat and humidity (makes me glad our county fair was last week, and the children were able to be outside there, everyday).
I weave wreaths from our wild grapevines! I haven't for a while as they are growing up inside a pine tree, and seem to be a bit further out of my reach every year (and the base of the tree is surrounded by a lovely garden of poison ivy), but its nice to be able to make a wreath if I suddenly find we "need" one somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I hope your hubby feels better soon..
We did the book reading also.. but with Borders book store.. If you have not heard. TD bank has an offer, if your child reads 10 books this summer they get 10.00 for their account. and if the kids do not have accounts at TD they can open one with this 10.00.
My kids have accounts so this is the second year we have done this.

sue in NJ