Monday, July 5

Our Fourth

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day for our fourth of July. Knitting, lunches and fishing gear packed we headed up to our little cabin in the woods, bushwacked our way through the beaver field and came out at one of our favorite family spots.

Every year the swimming hole takes on a slightly different look, depending on the course of the spring flooding and ice build ups and if there are beaver building in the area.

The older children swam, including four year old Ella with a noodle. She figure out she could walk as far as she could upstream (still within sight) and float downstream and she got such a kick out of doing that over and over.
All of the kids are participating in swim lessons in our little town and this is Ella's first year. I'm always amazed at the different giftings God gives each of our children and fearlessness in one of Ella's.

We began building up our little rock dam that we have to rebuild every year to keep the swimming hole swimable.

Ella caught Mr. Toad from (Frog and Toad, she said) carried him around, watched him swim, built him a house and then decided it was time for him to say goodbye and released him into the stream, watching with fascination as he swam away.
Mr. Toad seem none worse for the visit with his gentle giant friend.

A parade in another little town finished off our day before we headed home for red,white and blue desserts, a bonfire and fireworks in the distance.

Family days are my favorite days, and now, as my household is awaking, I'd better get going on breakfast,
Enjoy your family day,


Alicia K said...

Sounds like a great 4th of July!


Anonymous said...

What a nice day. I miss that towns parade. It is the best parade around there. I have not found a parade out here yet.

Corinna said...

Family days are my favourites as well. Your blog is such an encouragement and uplifting in my journey as wife and mother. Thanks.

jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa said...

Wow, this looks like our summers! We've enjoyed much outdoor fun. In our own backyard, we've enjoyed a new baby fawn, a walking stick invasion, a big lost turtle . . . We love life outdoors.

And we spend every 4th with four generations at our small town fire works display.

I enjoyed your post about a slow reader at Heart of the Matter. :)