Sunday, June 20

Papa Day

Busy morning at home with homemade cinnamon rolls rolled into a lovely afternoon at the beach. Someone sweetly asked if it was the a Great Lake we enjoy visiting, but it is just a pretty state park by Cooperstown, NY. We bought our season pass to the state parks yesterday.
There is an old mansion on the hill above the park and after wading and swimming we walked and wandered before Sean started the fire and cooked our kabobs lakeside.
I am truly so thankful for the gift of Sean in my life and in our children's lives. He leads with love and is such a good, good Papa.

After dinner we packed up and took a country drive home, stopping by a sad and neglected farm. Beautiful land, mostly beautiful, but horridly dirty barn and incredibly beautiful land... oh, did I mention that already?

The house and barn are empty but a neighboring farmer grazes his horses and a few beef cows on the land. We slipped through a fence and wandered down to the creek and thundering up to us came a dozen gorgeous and very intimidating horses. I was too scared to take a photo but wish I had. I was too busy checking underneath the horses to make sure there wasn't a stallion upset that we were in his territory and looking for a tree to shove my girls up into.

Turns out the horses were friendly as puppy dogs and wishing for a handout, which we had not. They followed Sean and I and two of our children like the paparazzi and hung their heads over the fence after we crawled back through.
It was a fun little adventure to end our day, one I'm sure our children won't forget for a long while.


Nurturing Faith and Family said...

I see I am not the only one up late tonight!

Looks like you all had a wonderful father's day.

The picture of the horses was especially something you'd see a painting of.

I have a thing for old barns...something about them is just so beautiful and simple.

Trixi said...

I just found your blog and have enjoyed it greatly. Beautiful pictures and what a great adventure.

Me said...

Love, love, love old barns. Makes me so sad when I see neglected ones. Its like so much potential falling to ruin...
Hi Mrs. Trixie, nice to make your aquaintance! said...

Great have an eye for taking beautiful pictures! Nancy