Thursday, May 13

Shirt to Skirt Tutorial or Fighting the Maternity Frump

I looked in the mirror yesterday and noticed something...frump. Maternity frump is never good.Though by the sixth kiddo, you might think I'm entitled to some new maternity clothing, I am trying to go without. Yesterday was just a bad, bad outfit I promise not to wear again.
A friend passed along a bag of clothes and in it was this XXL men's lovely cotton stretch shirt from Old Navy, which I kept to refashion.
So, despite a cold and being tired, I cut into it last night to try to boost my maternity wardrobe.

First I cut the sleeves off at the seam and cut off the wrist trim. Out of each sleeve I cut two identical squares, the biggest that I could make them. No, I didn't measure them, I don't work that way. :)

Then I cut off the top portion of the shirt just below the v-neck. From each side I cut four smaller squares, once again making them as large as possible.

Next, I trimmed the sides of the shirt-turning-skirt where the sleeves had been attached to make a smooth side seam for my skirt. I sewed the sides up.

In the bottom of the skirt/shirt, I cut four identical slits upward, as long as one length of each of the larger squares that I cut from the sleeves. I cut two at each side seam and two in the front and center back.

Here's the lousy photo part so let me tell you what to do next.
Line up one side of one of your squares, right side to right side, along one side of the slit. Sew. When you reach the point of the slit, keep your needle in and turn your square so the adjacent side will be sewn down the other side of the slit. After you have it in place, briefly lift your needle up so you can get a clean pivot.
This is basically what you'll end up with:
It's easy, trust me.
Since the shirt/skirt is knit, there's no need for hemming.
I thought my skirt needed a little extra, so I cut four more smaller slits in between each of the sewn in squares and sewed in those smaller squares cut from the shoulders of the shirt.
A quick elast waistband later and here's the finished product, which I wore today. The barn boots are because I just came from weeding the garden, which, amazingly, with snow and frost has survived beautifully.


Sandpiper said...

Looks great! I know what you mean about 'maternity frump'! I'm at 37 weeks and starting to literally pop out of some of my clothes, but I'm not buying anything for only the last few weeks!
Hope your pregnancy goes well!

Traci Michele said...

Very cute! Love the orange and black!

Diane said...

You are far from frumpy! I hope those patterns I gave you will come in handy too. :O)

Unknown said...

I love that skirt!

Refashioning clothes always makes me feel so thrifty and creative. Way better than paying for the material new :-)

Anonymous said...

I long for the day I can look at something and envision it as something else! I can do that with food and often turn leftovers into things you would have never imagined possible. But to do that with clothing is a real talent. Thanks for sharing this.
Tracy C

Esther said...

I just might be inspired to sew something! Beautiful job!

Diane Shiffer said...

Why aren't you just as cute as you can be! And not a frump in sight;-)

Anonymous said...

This is great! I'm in the midst of frustration sewing my first pattern right now, and decided to take a computer break. How inspiring (and timely!) to come across you post here. It looks lovely!

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

I've seen lots of things you can do with an old t-shirt, but converting it to a maternity skirt isn't one of them.

I'm going to have to try it! :)

mira said...

thanks for the tute! I've been a longtime lurker, ever since this was just a house blog =)

Leslie said...

this is great and looks so pretty