Sunday, May 9

Mother's Day Snow and a Birthday

We celebrated Andrew's 8th birthday on Friday. Eight year - can it really be? The night before he was born, I went to bed praying that he would come the next day because it was my Pop-Pop's birthday. Little did I know my Grandma in NC was praying the same prayer. Early the next morning I awoke with the first contractions and he was born on his great grandfather's birthday.
We weren't decided on a name, so Sean suggested we call up my Pop-Pop and ask him to name our new son. Pop-Pop chose the name Andrew and I am so glad he will always have that story and connection to his great grandfather!

Andrew requested blueberry pie and so it was with fresh whipped cream. We ate it by the bonfire and roasted marshmallows while Sean read to the children by the firelight from Ralph Moody.
We had big plans for Mother's Day, which included outdoor activities, but Sean's Grandma is in the hospital and God surprised us with snow (yes, snow in May!!!) so we've revised our plans and I'm looking forward to this afternoon together, visiting sweet Grandma and browsing some antique-y places with my family. Enjoy the snowy photos and happy Mother's Day to all you mothers worldwide!


EL said...

Happy mother's day! Great pictures...can't believe you got snow! WOW!

Lydia said...

"Mothers, please don't let the world rob you of the incredible joy of a life invested in your children. They are your mark on the world. They are your legacy, your testimony, your contribution to mankind. 'The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.' That saying didn't just show up one day. The proverb is the result of centuries of observation. A mother's influence is unmatched."
~Voddie Bauchaum

(probably my all time favorite mama's day quote)

Happy mother's day!!!

Diane said...

You guys got a lot more snow than we did. Wow!