Friday, May 14

More birthday

Eleanora turned four on a bright sunshiney day. We all had an early morning that day. Ella opened a few gifts, including a requested pink baby. She and Papa went for the birthday breakfast out while I dropped the toddlers off at a friends and heart anxious went to the hospital with the rest of the children for my ultrasound.
Since our son Aiden was born with kidney problems, we are told it tends to run in families and so each baby is checked in utero and shortly after birth.
"Beautiful kidneys", the ultrasound tech told us and we were relieved and enjoyed watching our little one hunched up, little bum in the air, twisting and rolling.
Sean, who hates surprises and suspense, gave me a beautiful gift that morning - not finding out the gender of our coming wee one. We've found out with each previous child and I'm looking forward to a surprise after labor.

Later that morning we headed to the zoo with my friend Kelly and her boys. Ella had requested a zoo trip on her birthday but I was a bit concerned about how much time/money it would take driving to Syracuse and Kelly graciously shared her family pass with us for a local zoo.

One family tradition we have is that the birthday child chooses the menu for dinner. We had German pancakes (also called Dutch Babies) for dinner. They are a puffed up pancake, baked in the oven with lots of butter and sprinkled with powdered sugar and lemon juice squeezed over the top. Yum!

Orange cake from the Southern Living cake cookbook for dessert, also Ella's request.

One of Ella's beautiful gifts was a sweater my mother knitted for her. It came out beautifully, has the sweetest buttons and I love it.

So ends our whirlwind of May birthdays. Our other two kiddos are September birthdays and this wee one in the womb, if he/she arrives ten days early could end up a September birthday also. I'm pretty sure I'm more fertile certain times of the year, don't you think?


Treasures from a shoebox said...

I definitely believe in being more fertile at certain times. We have 3 children in April, 2 in January, 3 in August (would've been 4, but one was taken early). Glad this baby's gender gets to be a surprise. I choose that as well!

Jacey said...

Oh I love your blog....Each time I read it-makes me want to pack up the family and move in with yours-not that you would like that but I very much enjoy your posts :) I do want to point out that I agree with your comment about being more fertile certain times of the year-I have two boys (one whom remains with Jesus) but both May babies-almost to the day-but our pink princess born in Jan. :)

Julian said...

so beautiful, thankyou for sharing your life. Blessings, christina