Thursday, April 29

THe week

Sean and the older boys picked up twelve new layer chicks earlier this week, leaving the house at dawn for the ride. The chicks are sweet and reddish blond and soft and downy. The kids are determined to tame them and they receive much loving. Our older hens are pretty sweet and tame too, they'll squat right down when the kids reach to pick them up and have personalities of their own.
This morning we visited a few garage sales and just as we were heading home, Sean called to let me know our first foster daughter, Natalie, was going back into foster care. The kids and I had just gotten together with her and her mom last week for a visit at a park. So tonight there are six sleepy kiddo noggins tucked into beds. Tomorrow we have planned a trip to the cabin with friends for hiking and good food and maybe some wading for the kiddos since the temps are supposed to be in the 80's. It feels nice to have Natalie back.
A friend from church gave me a complete set of these beautiful vintage hand towels that her husband's aunt embroidered. I love them and they have a special place in our kitchen. So perfect for lining a basket full of muffins or covering a tray of cookies, don't you think?
I visited my midwife on Monday and was thrilled to hear our baby's beautiful heartbeat. Knowing he or she is snug and safe, an added coming blessing to our family is a wonderful thing. The second trimester is also a wonderful thing, with the exhaustion fading and queasy stomach gone!
This week is the week May birthdays begin in our home. Chase turns two on Wednesday, Andrew turns eight on Friday and Eleanora will be four on the following Tuesday. Tonight she began sounding out and telling us the different letters in Natalie's name and which order they went in. She is smart, that girl.


Anonymous said...

Happy to have Natalie back, sad for her Mama.

L. E. Neighbour said...

Yay for chickens and May birthdays :D Mine is Tuesday and my little bro's is the following Tuesday... plus we have a lot of extended family with birthdays in May. Funny how that works :)

Anonymous said...

Happy you have Natalie back again!

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful you have Natalie.. for you guys and her.. But I am sad to hear that she is back for her Momma and Natalie.. Since she is back I am assuming that her Mom is not doing something right..
I will be praying for both of them.

sue in NJ