Tuesday, April 13

Spring Busyness

Sunday morning we packed up the beef stew that had simmered all night in the crock-pot, loaded up kiddos and pooch and headed north to our sweet cabin and beautiful outdoors in the Adirondacks.
Sean brought along his chainsaw and cleared some trees off a steep hillside. We now have a beautiful view of the beaver flats and the Four Mile Creek that runs through our land. He repurposed some of the trees into bridges that will make the trek to our swimming hole easier this summer.
The Adirondacks get hit bad with blackflies every year but so far they have not hatched and we were pest free as we hiked. I saw just one mosquito.

We've been enjoying more structured spring days here at home. Giving the children specific activities to accomplish through their days, besides finishing up lessons for the year, has worked toward maintaining the peacefulness of our home. Some may equate peacefulness with quiet and solitude, but for our family, when we are working and living together, however noisy it may be, there is a peaceful atmosphere when there isn't fighting or whining or conflict. Someone visiting our home recently told me there are such good "vibes" here. :) I told her it was God's Spirit at work!

Kaleb went to another foster home, a few hours away, to be closer to his birth mother. They are hoping that after some more work on her part, they will be able to move them into a foster home together. If not, he'll probably come back to us.

I must say, I am enjoying the temporary lull and just having my own five kiddos. My morning sickness is gone and I just take a little cat nap every afternoon to re-charge my batteries.

The garden is mostly planted. We have pear, apple, cherry and pecan trees coming via mail order as well as 75 strawberry plants and some berry bushes. I can't wait to put those in! Our peas are just up and the carrots and lettuces too. Still to plant are the potatoes and wildflowers, in an area Sean will work the soil for me and tomatoes, which I'll start inside this afternoon. Our nights have still been hitting freezing lately.

My Dad and stepmom, Pam, live up north by the land and cabin and they put us to shame with their beautiful garden. They are a zone colder than us but my dad has garlic up and loads of things growing under cold frames. He gave me some thyme and bee balm for home, which the kiddos helped me plant yesterday.Hope you're all enjoying spring as much as we are,


Flannel Jammies Farm said...

What lovely and refreshing photos! I, too, find that 'peaceful' often means a harmonious hum, not necessarily silence. God Himself gives us His peace... yet He is always at work in the details of each of our lives... a harmonious hum of shaping and building each of us into what He has planned.

Pamie G. said...

Please take photos of your gardens, I love hearing about the kids helping you there! Have a great day!

We just got news that our DIL is pregnant as well, due October 28, this will be our 7th grandchild!

mandi said...

i love your little place up in the mountains. it is so beautiful!

KellyinPA said...

Hi Hannah,

As a mom of 6, five of them boys:) I am interested in hearing what ways you found to structure your boys time. I found that my younger boys (8yr twins) don't have enough "productive" time and can get into trouble because of it.
Your blog is lovely:)


EL said...

Fun pictures! So...so...so...springish! =D