Monday, April 26


Happy the crocheted bedspread I found for $2 is a queen size.
Happy I conquered my fear of sewing a bathing suit. This one for three year old Ella, made to her specifications and with fabric she chose. It is uniquely her and I love the way it came out. Also love how easy it was to make!

Happy that while we seem lately to be surrounded by a great cloud of doubters, there is good reason to trust God and the Bible as being truth. Listen to a great short message on the subject here, by Dr. Voddie Baucham, titled "Why I believe the Bible".


Tesa said...

What an adorable little swimsuit! It is so very modest, yet feminine. I would love to make something like that for my two girls...would you consider posting a brief tutorial?? Is the fabric typical swim-suit fabric?

Cindy said...

Love everything in this post!

Trudy said...

Wonderful job on the bathing suit. I have yet to conquer my fear of sewing a bathing suit. I have a similar pattern as the one you used.

I love Voddie. He was one of our pastors at our church here in Texas around three or four years ago. Powerful speaker/preacher.

Julian said...

wow! THAT would make me happy too! The bedspread is gorgeous, and for 2 dollars? The swim suit is so cute! Talent, talent! :) Have a very blessed day!
christina said...

Adorable swimsuit!

Lori said...

I came across your blog and have been following you for a while. I so enjoy reading your blog. You, your family, and your life all seem lovely.

The bathing suit is amazing!!

Me said...

Tesa, I would love to post a tutorial - just give me some time! :) Get some four way stretch lycra and preferably some that isn't see-through so you don't need to line it. Ella picked hers off of and the sellers there have the best prices I found online. Her piece was a yard, I believe and it barely used much of it. She's a size 5.
Trudy, I'd love to know what pattern you have. I bought a suit from Target and used that as a basis for the shorts pattern and looked online for suits that I liked. Ella specified she wanted her bottom shorts and her top a dress and I couldn't find anything "pretty" that looked like that. And, yes, I really appreciate the truth Dr. Baucham isn't afraid to preach!
Thanks everyone else for the kuddos on the suit. Hope you enjoy the coming tutorial!