Saturday, April 24

Estate Sales and Such

Friday was a fun and busy day. The five and I were at an estate sale by 8. Some sweet Ukranian grandma crocheted this bedspread with the teeniest, tiniest hook and thread and I thank her for it. I also thank her descendants that sold it to me for two dollars.
This lace inserion tablecloth was also two dollars and I think will end up as an item of clothing or a curtain since our table is eight feet long. I couldn't leave behind the hand made lace. The kids picked up some harmonicas and little tools and we headed to a garage sale (load of tupperware cups and lids for $1, 25cent helmets, and a pair of 75cent skates) before heading home for friends and brunch, playing outside in the warm sun and cold breezes. Later that afternoon we stopped by another estate sale with an incredible collection of vintage jewelry which I resisted. I picked up a box of sewing patterns and this gorgeous hand printed fabric for $4.

I'm not sure what this kind of fabric is called. I have another piece similar. The printed side in cotton-like and the back side is silky, satiny. In Roman numerals, it says 1961. I'm thinking a cute dress next summer post baby.


Laryssa Herbert said...

What wonderful treasures you found!

Unknown said...

I love finds like these! There's just something about a piece with history. It has a story and a past that a new item freshly bought from the store doesn't have.

What hands created this? From where did they come? Was this bedspread a gift for a special occasion? How many late night dinner chats were experienced around this table cloth? So lovely (:

Unknown said...

Wow- I know that I'm 38 weeks pregnant and all and that could account for it to some extent, but reading about that bedspread may me tear up! I've just learned how to crochet with thread these little rings and roses to edge a muslin curtain for my girls bedroom and it is the most painstaking work! I can't imagine an entire bedspread and then for it not to be cherished by your posterity and sold for $2! I hope that you value the treasure more than the grandkids :) Have a blessed Lords Day!

Jennie said...

I think you are so neat! I wish I could sew, but it is fun to see your plans.

Thanks for letting your blog be a window into your world, I always enjoy the visit!

Lynn said...

Oh Hannah!! What finds! Can't wait to see what you make with that fabric. Also, congratulations on new baby on the way.


Mindy said...

Great finds! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful !

sue In NJ

Vintage Jewelry Collector said...

OMGosh - you resisted buying the vintage jewelry from the estate sale! I commend you for the power to restrain from the addicting habit of collecting vintage jewelry - lol. :)