Wednesday, April 28


Eleanora and I took a break among the violets on Saturday while we watched Sean dig the holes for the new fruit trees. We put in pear, apple, sweet cherries and pecan trees, 75 strawberry plants, blueberry bushes, raspberry bushes, grape vines and rhubarb. Currently we just have apple and sour cherry trees among a bunch of non-fruiting trees and a few ancient maples that make delicous, sticky syrup.

Found this sweet vintage housedress at a thrift shop like new. I am carrying this wee one very low (girl?) and I'm reminded of author Ralph Moody's description of his mother looking like her front had all fallen all together south or something to that effect. :)

Tonight I'll make the trip out to see my nice midwife. I've dowloaded a few books off of for the drive, The Battle of Life by Charles Dickens and St. George for England by G.A. Henty and am looking forward to the quiet time to listen and pray. I really love long car rides alone.


Cindy said...

I also enjoy long drives alone in the car and listening to books or music. Or just enjoying the quiet and prayer time.

Celee said...

Looks like fun! My mom is nurturing a little orchard of fruit trees out here in West Texas and she sure is struggling. If the deer don't get 'em the wind does! I think she still has 15 or so. It'll be fun when they start bearing fruit!

I love quiet drives, too. I listened to two great sermons when I drove my kids to a swim meet last Saturday.

Katie said...

You are beautiful!


The Amusing Redhead said...

Lovely dress!