Thursday, April 29

Biggest and Youngest

9.18 038s, originally uploaded by hannahhagarty.

9.18 038s, originally uploaded by hannahhagarty.




If she's supposed to think being the oldest in a large family is no fun, she obviously hasn't gotten that memo. {smile}


Allison said...

Beautiful photos!

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos of a gorgeous girl (and boy, but we can't really see him!)
I love her coat. Did you make it?

mandi said...

oh! look at that sweet smile on her face. love this!

Me said...

Katie, my mother made her coat two Christmas's ago, I believe.

Karen G. said...

Beautiful pictures! She is a great big sister. I've seen her in action. :P)

Anonymous said...

Coat was made last September for her birthday... :)

Unknown said...

So sweet!!! You can see the love she has for her baby brother written all over her face.