Sunday, March 14

Weekly Menu

Monday am -oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins
lunch- Greek yogurt with granola and honey, apple slices
dinner- potato soup, rustic bread, salad
Make and refrigerate brownies for Tues night group!

Tuesday am - freezer muffins, fresh pineapple, scrambled eggs
9am pediatrician appointment!
lunch- peanut butter and jelly, orange slices
dinner- sesame noodles, salad
Orphan Care group here!
water, iced tea, popcorn, brownies, cookies

Wed am - cereal with bananas
lunch- tomato soup, crackers, apple slices
dinner -cheeseburgers, green beans, carrot sticks and dip

Thurs am- banana bread, fruit salad
lunch-ants on a log(peanut butter filled celery with raisins on top)

Friday am- caramel dipped cinnamon rolls, juice
lunch- granola with milk, apple slices
dinner- quesadillas

Saturday am-pancakes
lunch- grilled cheese on rustic bread, carrot sticks
dinner- chili and corncakes

Sunday brunch - cinnamon raisin bread, strata, fruit
dinner- chili and cornbread


Anonymous said...

Yummy! Hope you get a big turn out for your meeting. :O)

Kim said...

Yum! Would you mind posting the potato soup and rustic bread recipes? Those sound delicious!

Becky said...

Thanks for posting your breakfast and lunch plans, too. I'm always out of ideas for those meals!