Sunday, March 28

It has been anything but quiet around here, and so my absence from here. We still have Kaleb, our five month old foster son. His young mama has court this week and hopefully then we'll have a clearer picture of what is going on. Meanwhile he's cut two teeth while we've had him and is working on some more.
I met his mama on Friday, briefly, and how she broke my heart. I have never seen such sadness, hopelessness, anger and apathy rolled into one soul. I pray often for her and slip cheery notes about Kaleb into the bag when he is going for visits.

On the way home from a rough visit on Friday, I found a Sears sewing machine and case on the curb. It is almost identical to one my mother had thirty something years ago sitting beside it in the photo.

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Flannel Jammies Farm said...

Bless you for opening your heart, your prayers and your home to this sweet little one and his mama. It's an amazing act of faith and obedience to say YES to such a call.