Friday, March 5

Cultivating Thankfulness

Tonight I am thankful for:

sunshine today

sweet words from a social worker who had never met us, but says she has heard great things about our foster home

boys with fresh haircuts

an extra wee boy in the crib, Kaleb

my husband's hugs

Dinosaur BBQ baked beans for dinner

a nap. Fell asleep on the bed with Andrew working out math problems beside me. Twenty minutes of bliss.

48 pack of fruit leathers at Big Lots for $6. The expensive kind they sell in health food stores. Bought two boxes.

My son Aiden's words that he "is thankful God brings us so many foster children to love." Aiden is sometimes more the cup is half-empty kind of boy so this impromptu thought of his, I loved.

Watching my husband and the kids tap the maple trees.

Thoughts of homemade sausage, fried potatoes, biscuits and smoothies for breakfast tomorrow.

Winter is hard on me, so I'm feeling the need to be extra diligent with cultivating thankfulness. What about you?


Marmee's Pantry said...

And thank YOU for the reminder!

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

Genevieve Larsen said...

Amen...I'm a young mother, and winter is full of the blahs. It's hard to not be able to get out of the house as often. But today I'm thankful that you take the time to write a little, it picks me up and reminds me that I want to cultivate a home that feels the way you write about yours :)

Anonymous said...

Having heat in our house.. the last couple of days we have not had heat... something electrical went on our 2 year old heater and the Gas company was trying to get the right part to fix it... (I am so grateful that we have a repair plan).

It is the simple things in life that are so important.

Sue in NJ

Debi said...

I enjoy your blog and listed it on my blogroll for others to enjoy.
Bless you!