Tuesday, March 9

Bowls and babes.

Found littlest man asleep in his crib, hands folded so sweetly under his chin.

I can already see progress in Kaleb since five days ago when he came to us. We've introduced baby cereal, after we found out his age, which has done wonders to his fussiness. I think he was just hungry. We've also switched him off soy formula to lactose-free, which has decreased his spitting up after a bottle by half. He's still quite the fussy spitter upper, which I'll ask our pediatrician about next week. Overall he seems to be getting more comfortable with us. Even I am getting used to the 2:30am cuddle and bottle time. We've been trying to incorporate more tummy time and lay him to sleep on his side, since his sweet noggin is pretty flat. All just simple things but hopefully things that make him more comfortable and give him a loved sort of feeling.

I found these wooden bowls at the thrift shop last week for .49 each. They match the spoons Sean carved the kiddos for their Christmas stockings. We treat them all with a beeswax and olive oil mixture, which is fantastic for dry hands too!
We've been enjoying spring weather this past weekend and today. I crunch, crunched my way through the snow to hang a few first loads of the year on the line and chopped away at melting ice on the walkway. The kids are enjoying seeing how much work (or little of) they have left for the schoolyear. Bookwork is quickly done each day so they can play outside. Aiden has just begun to sound out words and is as proud as a peacock. We are all anxious for spring.


Lynn said...

Sounds like you are making a huge impact on the newest little one you are caring for.

I love the bowls. And the spoons. Your children really got a sweet gift from their papa! I'll have to find something to oil and wax. My hands are DRY already, after only an hour in the garden!


Rebecca Ann said...

Hannah I am so glad that little Mr. is starting to settle in! I will keep praying that he is comfy and can get into your reutine and that taking care of him will be a huge joy for you all! I am sure it has been already!

Oh those bowls are wonderful! what a steal! thats great your husband can carve things! my father never learned to carve, but it pretty handy with a saw and some wood making furniture, etc. love that type of skill! its great!

Jennifer @ Her Southern Charm said...

OOOH those bowls and spoons are amazingly beautiful!!! :)

Mrs. B said...

Hannah, just a thought on Kaleb - it may be the milk protein that he is having a hard time digesting, just like my kids did. Maybe try the Carnation formula (we used Alimentum, but you might have to sell a body part to pay for it!!) Nutramigen is also a 'gentler' formula for babies stomachs. Worth looking into, anyway.

Catherine Anne said...


Allison said...

Look at that sweet baboo! Although i have been doing social work for over ten years and should be seasoned, i am always struck by the soul renching sadness of a baby that is not in his mom's arms. It is so hard to understand. As a professional who has done foster placements here in South Africa i really want to tell you how much i respect what you do. Foster moms and families are amazing. The ability to love enough to care and let go is rare. And something that i could not do. So give the little monkey a squeeze and tell him that i am sending some special African love his way! I am sure that he is going to shine and grow while with you, which i hope is for a long time, just to create some sense of stability for him.

Well done! And i love the bowls and the spoons!

Lucy said...

When we adopted our daughter she had foster-care acquired plagiocephaly - and we did what you are doing to help with it. Plus we barely took her out in her car seat, and she spent her time in a baby wrap or bumbo seat to minimise her head being on a flat surface. She was 6 months old and her doctor said it was quite bad, as her features were wonky because of it, but now she has a much better shape to her head and her pretty face looks just perfect to me. I think it is great that you are working to help him with his flat head - DD's FC just thought it was funny :o(

Anonymous said...

Lovely pic of this little bundle..
Can you eat out of the bowls that you treat with the wax and oil? I have a butcher block that I want to sand down and use..( someone put poly on it and I want to get it off.. so I can cut on it.. ) I hear something about an oil that is food grade.. but never bees wax.. can you let me know what you used?

Sue in NJ

Alison P. said...

I'm so glad that you have that precious boy in your home to care for. I pray that he is getting more settled. I'm sure he loves being around you, your family, and the love that you have to share. What a beautiful picture.