Thursday, February 18

Quick tip

I love lattes. Hot or iced. Preferably homemade ones so I'm not $5 poorer after indulging. Home made lattes were few and far between because my busy husband is the barrista extraordinaire who grinds the beans to the precise fineness and steeps the espresso and froths the milk. But no more! Not since I had a moment of brilliance, asked Sean to work his magic and promptly froze the espresso (you do do this with coffee too) in quarter cup measurements in muffin tins. After they were frozen solid, I popped them out and put them in a baggy in the freezer. They hold their flavor and taste great.

Want my recipe?
One tall glass
1/4 espresso
1/8 cup sweetener (homemade caramel or vanilla syrup, honey, or sugar)

For a warm latte, warm your ingredients, for a cold one, add ice!

Mix together and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

awesome!! this is really great. I love adding espresso to my protein shakes and this will keep me from having to add ice and dilute the flavor!

Julian said...

oooooooh thanks! yummy! I love coffee, but have 6 kids, so i cannot really afford a certain brand(which shall remain nameless!:)) Now, i can! I would love the recipe for your home made caramel sauce!


Unknown said...

Just a little tip for people that want to make homemade lattes but don't have a milk frother. I heated up milk until it was steaming, then poured it into a glass jar and shook it for about 1 minute, and just poured that into my chai tea and it tasted very similar to a commercial chai latte. I am sure this same thing would work with coffee or espresso!

Me said...

Yum, Joann - that sounds good!

Julian, I'll work on that recipe. I don't think we've actually measured the ingredients out so I'll have Sean help me with it.

Jennifer- great idea. If you have a french press for making coffee you can use that for frothing too. I have an antique beater meant for whipping cream - I wonder if that would work too?


Diane said...

I do this same thing with tomato sauce. I freeze muffin tin size portions for my son who likes sauce. A whole batch for us would get fuzzy before we used it up.

Laryssa Herbert said...


Anonymous said...

Did this with my chai, works great! Also started shaking it in a jar as Jennifer suggested. I have been enjoying chai lattes! Yum! Thanks ladies!