Monday, February 22

Promo for "3 by 3 by 3" Documentary from David Watson on Vimeo.


Rebecca Ann said...

Thats awesome! My sister and I have always wanted our family to adopt, but my parents hearts have to change first. My mom really is starting to open up and see their is a need for kids to have homes. My dad is not opening up yet. But we know of a little girl who needs to be adopted. Who knows what the Lord will do, maybe she will be my little sister someday.

Its so great hannah you all do foster care and everything! Its really encouraging. Adoption is something I would love to do Lord willing if I get married someday.

Do you know if this is going to be a series about this family and when it will be airing? its a great message. God bless!

Kelly said...

Love it!!!

Beth said...

I love seeing other families with a passion for orphans! Great clip, thanks for sharing.

Any word from court today? I've been praying.

Jaime @ Like a Bubbling Brook said...

As an adoptive mama to two precious boys (and hopefully more!), I especially appreciated this post. Looks like one documentary I'm really looking forward to!