Sunday, February 7

Morning Winter Sun and Clue #3

Sun is rare around these parts in winter. Yesterday morning I grabbed my camera and braved the eight degrees of warmth to take photos of the sun that greeted me as I walked into the kitchen that morning.
Dark winter days have me wishing for spring days and mud and gardening, planting with my little planting princess, Ella, close by collecting worms. Mmmm... all the good things we'll plant: carrots and lettuces, spinach, tomatoes and potatoes, and many more lovely green things. Which brings me to my next clue. The author I'm interviewing lives in the state known for their potatoes.

Any guesses?


Becky said...

I still think I'm right... :)

Sarah M. said...

It has to be Mary Ostyn...her book Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large Family is absolutely a delightful read.

Anonymous said...


Beautiful photographs.

Joy said...

I'm guessing Mary Ostyn, also! :) Thanks to you, I recently acquired two of her books--very encouraging!

Love your encouraging blog!

Julian said...

i used to live in Idaho, and that is the state famous for potatoes.:)

Mary Ann said...

My first thought was Barbara Curtis of and second thought, Mary Ostyn of Owlhaven. With this 3rd clue, I'm guessing Mary Ostyn since she lives in Idaho. (I did some searching just now to figure out if either one lived there!)

Love guessing games!

Anonymous said...

Mary Ostyn~ is my guess. I just picked up her book Family Feasts fo $75 per week. :-)