Thursday, February 11

Homemade Ketchup Recipe

Last night I made pioneer woman's buttermilk fried chicken. And french fries. And some applesauce, beets and pickles. I know, not so healthy but a oh-so-very-good-every-once-in a while kind of meal. And when I check the fridge (and pantry) we were down to a few tbsp's of ketchup and dinner was almost ready.
Here's a fly by the seat of your pants recipe that worked and tasted delicious. It has more spices than your store ketchup and you can leave out those if you like. This is a recipe done mostly by tasting and adding to your liking, so don't worry that there aren't a lot of specific measurements. You can do this! So easy.

1.) In a saucepan, add one can of tomatoe puree (the kind without basil please). I had chopped tomatoes, so I just pureed them. Begin cooking over medium heat, stirring often as you're adding ingredients. You want the moisture to cook out of this.
2.)Sprinkle liberally with onion pwder. Taste.
3.) Sprinkle with garlic pwdr. Taste.
Add salt, it needs salt.
4.) Sprinkle with hot pepper flakes, maybe about a 1/4 teaspoon.
5.) Add in about a cup of vinegar. Apple cider or red wine are yummy. White will work.
Continue to cook and stir and taste, adding vinegar to taste.
6.) Add in 1/4 cup brown sugar.
7.) Add a pinch of cloves and cinnamon. These you won't find in grocery store ketchup but taste amazing. Leave out, if you wish.
Add more salt and pepper to taste and cook, stirring, over medium, heat until thickened.
Tada! Homemade ketchup!


Ways of Zion said...

Oh you don't know how timely this is! We splurged and bought heinz ketchup....and after pouring it on our eggs discovered it was their special "spicy" one with Tabasoc sauce in it! So hot! So that has been given to a dear Aunt you loves hot sauce and now we have no ketchup and the kids were so dissappointed.

I'll be making this when I get off the computer!

Me said...

I'm guessing you'll want to leave out the hot pepper flakes, Ways of Zion? :)

Stephanie said...

I will be making this soon. My corn-allergic child has really been missing commercial ketchup (made with HFCS). Or splurging and having a little...but cheating never has a great outcome. Thank you!

Diane Shiffer said...

Sounds like something I'd like to try... I hate the corn syrup in the regular ketchup. Thanks so much for sharing, dear☺

4 Sisters said...

This great! I have to be careful of the ketchups that I use due to gluten and soy allergies. This will be yummy next time we have hamburgers.
Thanks for sharing!

Ways of Zion said...

we left out the pepper flakes and it worked great! Thanks!