Saturday, February 20

He is my chef

Hardly a night goes by that this fellow doesn't stop by while I'm making dinner and ask if he can be my chef, or if there's something that needs cutting, or stirring. This is his solution to onions.

Wustoff. Only the best for this fellow.


Unknown said...

I am going to try that! I cut up two onions tonight and cried for literally hours. Thanks for the tip. ;)

Nabi said...

I also have a chief like that at home! Aren't they cute :-)

I just found your lovely blog. You have a beautiful family. Keep up the good work,


Laryssa Herbert said...

Adorable! I tried a new onion trick tonight and it worked! All I did was breathe through my mouth and no tearing up! I was so surprised.

Diane Shiffer said...

Love the goggles!☺

mandi said...

that's what i need! some onion goggles!

Unknown said...

How gorgeous is he?

Me said...

Lisa, let me know how it goes. Aiden swears by it!
Nancy, thank you. Thank you for stopping by.
Laryssa, I'll have to try that. Usually onions don't tear me up too bad but every once in a while there's a bad one!
Persuaded and Mandi, thanks for stopping by!
Katie, I cant wait to show his furture wife these someday!


Anonymous said...

Heehee- these a great pictures! Too funny! :)