Sunday, January 17

weekly menu

Sunday am - cereal, banana and milk
dinner - ziti, animal crackers, choc chip cookies, clementines

Monday am - pancakes
lunch - ziti, applesauce
dinner - white chili
bake pita bread!

Tuesday am - oatmeal
lunch - pitas with honey, pear slices
dinner - mac and cheese for kiddos, dinner meeting for Sean and I

Wed am - apple muffins, smoothies
(Bake bread. Take out round steak from freezer, have Sean slice.)
lunch- cream cheese pinwheels, apple slices with p.butter
dinner -brown rice, Lebanese chicken, pitas and hummus(make twice as much rice for tomorrow's dinner)

Thurs am - cereal with milk, melon slices
(Allison and her kids coming over! )
lunch- peanut butter and jelly, animal crackers, apple slices
dinner -Kalbi (korean BBQ beef), lettuce, rice

Friday am- tapioca
lunch- peanut butter and banana sandwiches
dinner- Jennifer and Tom's for dinner! (what am I supposed to bring, Jennifer?)

Saturday am -strata
lunch- Thai Kitchen noodles and broth (.50 at Big Lots), carrot sticks and dip
dinner - soba noodle salad with cucumber and mango

Grocery List:
lemon seltzer
2 cucumbers
1 mango
rice vinegar
1 lime
fresh mint (gonna kill me to buy this since it grows like a weed around here in the summer!)
minced onion
deli ham
pitas? (check freezer)
cream cheese?(check freezer)
Boston lettuce
canned chickpeas
1 lemon

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