Monday, January 25

Week in Frugal Feminine Dress. day one

This is one of my favorite skirts from the J. Peterman Company (hello! Can you believe their retail prices?) of 100% linen and made is the USA - woohoo! I bought it at a thrift store a year or so ago for about $3. The safari looking top is heavy weight cotton and was $6 at a local consignment shop. My feet are bare, as always. When we go out later I'll slip a pair of high brown boots on. The necklace is shell? bone? and came from my Grandma.

Total cost of outfit including boots - $18.
In this outfit I:
scrubbed a shower and toilet
changed poopie diapers
gave three haircuts
made three meals
baked cookies
taught lessons
tidied floors
cut and sewed a skirt
washed, folded and put away laundry
and I'm sure much, much more but just to demonstrate that homemakers can look good doing all we need to do.


Lynn said...

Ah, Hannah, I was watching for this post today! I do my "heavy work" in my nice girlie clothes each day too. And my budget is totally similar! You look beautiful as always. I've found a J. Peterman item or two, and NO I cannot believe their retail prices!

Jeannette said...

The fact that you bought the clothes second hand probably helped you be able to go about your daily tasks. It is a great idea to look so lovley while you fun fun. Congrats to you.

Tesa said...

You look lovely! I am looking forward to this series. I enjoy dressing feminine...and have no qualms about doing daily tasks dressed in nice feminine clothing. Lately, however, minimal resources, pregnancy, and lack of time to shop even at 2nd hand stores leave me feeling overwhelmed about dressing nicely. Thank you for the inspiration.

E said...

This would be a great blog-along idea someday! I know in the sensibility forums they have Week in Feminine Dress forum "events" but it would be neat to do this in a blog form someday...

That skirt is great!

The Watts Family said...

You Lok Marvelous I too am often surprised at all the things I do while wearing a skirt or dress lol!! Thrift stores are great! ~Blessings Heather ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE dressing like a lady, too! Throw on an apron and you can still do all homemaking duties, looking lovely all the while. My mother-in-law always comments on what I wear on normal weekdays and thinks I'm 'dressed up'. Thanks for sharing this stuff. It's very interesting to me. =)

Janel said...

Oh I love, love, love you're skirt!

Lydia G said...

I love this shirt!! I'm loving this frugal femine dress series!

Unknown said...

Just loved this series of posts, Hannah. You inspire me!

Jen said...


really enjoyed these posts! In my pre-baby days I had such a great time dressing; although it was easier to wear "anything" in my pre-baby form ;) I could use that feeling of being a bit more "put together".... I love that you've combined modesty and style. It's classy, and I'm inspired!

Me said...


You are truly a woman after my own heart. I LOVE thrift shops, second-hand stores, garage sales, etc. What great deals a person can find! Your outfit is adorable and as well, looks quite practicle.

Kudos to you!