Saturday, January 30

Week in Feminine Dress - Day 6

Wool plaid skirt - free. This came in a pile of wool fabric via church member's mother. It was cut out with the teeniest waist, so I made that larger , put in a zipper and hem and voila! Free skirt. I love it.
Tall brown boots -$6 consignment shop
Denim jacket - $3 thrift store a few years ago.
Blue long sleeved T from Tabeez -about $2.
Glass amber colored beaded vintage necklace- it was my Grandma's back in the day. One of my favorites now.
Outfit total: $11


Sarah said...

This series has been great! It is wonderful to see what lovely clothes you have been able to find for your budget. Would it be possible for you to tell us more about the sewing that you do for you/kids as well? I would love to sew for my family but I need to learn and would love to have some inspiration!

Rebecca Ann said...

I absolutely adore this outfit Hannah! I love your necklace and jean jacket with the plaid skirt! I am actually going to wear my wool brown, white, and red tartan skirt today as well! Love the outfit! its very pretty on you! And thats great it was so cheap! :)

Farrah said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Thank you for sharing the beautiful outfits this week. I am inspired!

Lynn said...

Hannah, if only I could sew like you! I am a can-do-enough-to-get-by-seamstress. You are a seamstress. :)


Anonymous said...

Lynn is right.. you do sew beautifully.. I remenber looking at you making an easter jacket for one of your boys.. and thinking WOW.. that is really talent..
I can sew more of a basic amount..

sue in NJ

Me said...

Thanks, Sarah, for a great topic to blog about. I do sew a lot for our kids, now I'll have to pin them down for photos!
SingingInHisName, it was a warm outfit, which I loved. SO cold here!
Thanks Farrah and Amelia!
Lynn and Sue, its just building precept upon precept. Nothing too hard. I'm still learning things!


plaid skirts for women said...

I absolutely adore this outfit, really cute!