Sunday, January 31

Week in Feminine and Frugal Dress - Day Seven!

Tabeez long gray knit skirt - approx $10 since I purchased this with a gift card I had won.
Target brand 3/4 sleeve black T - $6 This is a cotton/spandex mix and I love, love, love it. Wish I had bought more of them when they were on clearance. Great for layering!
GAP velvet and lace top - $3 thrift shop. One reason I layer a lot is so that I feel comfortable wearing cute tops like this one. Otherwise it would have been too short and too low cut for my taste.
Silver earings - gift
Feet - bare at the moment. I wore a $10 pair of shiny black t-strap mary janes when we went out, which were free to me from Marshalls with a gift card.
Outfit total: $19


Unknown said...

I've really enjoyed seeing your clothing ideas (and bargains, too!). I love thrift store shopping! I tend to be a jeans and sweater kind of gal. However, since having our daughter six months ago (we have 3 older boys), I have this "feeling" that I want to be and look more feminine. I started wearing skirts again to church and I enjoy how I feel when I wear them! Just more lady-like. It's a great thing for each of my children to see (femininity) as well as my sweet hubby!

Lynn said...

Hannah, you and I think exactly alike on the layering. There are so many cute tops, but they don't appeal to me because they are just too short or too low cut, and yet the fabric and trimmings may be devine! I have an almost identical velvet and lace tee from the thrift. Don't remember the name on mine -- maybe Ann Taylor. Fun stuff. I've really enjoyed your week of feminine and frugal dress. You are an inspiration!


Anna said...

Enjoying your series on dressing. Lots to ponder for a jeans-loving
momma. I think it's possible to be feminine in nice jeans, a cute top, and cute shoes, but now, when I see my daughter starting to wear clothes like that, I just don't like it for some reason... I'm pondering that. And pondering cultural influence on how I dress. Thanks for addressing this in a personal, non-accusing way.

Ways of Zion said...

oh thanks for the layering idea, I've never done that and detest wearing tops that I have to pin to undergarments to keep them modest!

Christina said...

I love all of your seems like you are always saying "I won this, won that"...are you one of those lucky people who always get drawn :)?

Me said...

I completely agree, Kiley. When I dress nicely, there is a completely different response out in public. I guess if you act/dress like a lady, you'll be treated like one.

Thanks, Lynn. :)

You're welcome, Anna. I'm glad you've enjoyed my fun week!

Thanks Ways of Zion!

Christina, the last time before this year I remember winning something was when I was at a concert in sixth grade and a cassette tape landed in my lap, thrown from the stage. Somehow this year I ended up winning a gift card from Pioneer Woman and a $20 of $40 gift certificate from Tabeez. That's it. I think my exciting streak is over! I just happened to wear a few Tabeez items this past week.


Nurturing Faith and Family said...

i really enjoyed your week in f & f dress! such an inspiration to dress for femininly and be more frugal!