Friday, January 29

Week in Feminine and Frugal Dress, Day 5

Green cashmere sweater -$6 consignment shop
vintage leatherwork and wood clogs - $6 consignment shop
Long brown cotton skirt with tiers of ruffles on lower half - $2 at Kmart. I get more compliments on this skirt and its twin in hot pink. I never would have thought to check Kmart for clothes but I was in there to buy an umbrella stroller and passed a $2 clearance rack....
Brown knee socks - gift
Outfit total - $14


Christie said...

Very pretty! I love green and brown together, don't you?

Unknown said...

one day you're going to find me stowed away in the back of your car when you're thrifting!!!!! You find the most fantastic stuff!

Billie Jo said...

Very Pretty, green is your color and loving those shoes!

Beth said...

I LOVE your style and really wish I could pull it off. My husband jokes saying he's going to nominate me for that show "What Not To Wear!" My house is so cold in the winter, I usually have a big faded pink fleece robe on. I wear it over my clothes sometimes, but prefer to stay in my flannel jammies! I admit, I don't feel pretty, or motivated to do much when dressed like this.

I have slowly stopped wearing jeans, but I do wear a lot of trouser style pants in dark denim.

I would love to dress more feminine and like the vintage look that you have mastered. I think the shoes hold me back more than anything. I have two pairs of shoes I feel comfortable in... my New Balance running shoes and my Clarks brown leather casual dress shoes. I have yet to find a boot that make my feet happy... but I would love to find a funky cowgirl boot that doesn't hurt my feet! Those would be cute with long skirts.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Lynn said...

Love the outfit! Don't you just love unexpected finds like the K-Mart skirts? :)


Anonymous said...

I am LOVING this series but am a little disappointed it's only a week long! Brilliant idea.

And I love wearing skirts; never realized how much you can still do in them (for some reason, the modern age negates the practicality of the skirt, I guess, ha).

Also - love love love the clogs.

LG said...

You look great in green!! :)

Blakely said...

I love Kmart's clothes. To bad mine closed and I can only check the clearence rack when I go visit my parents.

Me said...

Green and brown are my favorites of all time, Christie! Trying to work out our living room in those colors!

Thanks, Billie. I love,love,love clogs!

Beth, cowboy boots would be way cute with skirts and dresses. I am always on the lookout for a pair. It is cold here too with only 4-5 months of warm-ish weather. I have a chest of sweaters and those and my skirts and tights or knee socks keep me warm.
Clarks makes some great comfortable dressy style shoes too. Love Clarks!

Me said...

Lynn, I'll take unexpected blessings anyway and any place they show up!

Hibby, I'm hoping skirts make more of a comeback, aren't you? meanwhile I'm quite comfortable in forging ahead in my own sense of style!

Thanks, LG.
Blakely, our Kmart here isn't tidy or clean so I avoid it. Sad to say...


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Cute! I wouldn't have thought of green and brown together like that...but it's adorable. And your hair is very pretty...I like it wavy like that. Thank you for the reminder that we have a consignment shop here in town...I've never been to it. I have tried over and over to find clothes at the thrift store but it just never works for me. I think the consignment shop is the way to go!