Thursday, January 28

Week in Feminine and Frugal Dress - Day 4

The skirt I made last week -free from supplies given to me or I already had.

Tall black vintage boots - $4 thrift store

long sleeve navy layering tee from - won a gift card so free plus shipping, about $2?

Creamy silk cardigan - label shopper years ago - $2

Necklace -Christmas gift from Sean

Outfit total - $8


Anonymous said...

You were supposed to put "Christmas gift from Sean"~~~~priceless! :O)

~ Shannon said...

Looking lovely, Hannah! Your week in Feminine and Frugal dress is quite inspiring -- I love your sense of style!


Diane Shiffer said...

You look adorable honey!

And so does that little guy on your lap♥

Lynn said...

Hannah, I love the outfit. And I love the picture in general. Your babies are so beautiful. My baby is 11 now! Enjoy it (and I know you do). ~:-D


Anonymous said...

You are a truly beautiful woman.
You dress decently, you're genuine and you're poised.


Me said...

Di - What'd I miss?
Thanks, Shannon. How's newlywed life?
Thank you, Persuaded.
Lynn, my baby is almost two and I can't believe it. I'm in denial.

Aw, thank you Pink!