Tuesday, January 26

Week in Feminine and Frugal Dress, Day 2

Old Navy skirt - free hand-me-up

Turquoise top - $3 consignment shop

Lands End sweater - free hand-me-up

Argyle socks -gift

Vintage WWII scarf - .99 thrift store

Outfit total: $3.99

This is more of my look in the winter. We live where it is COLD and so I layer. I love layers. These colors, teals and browns are also a staple of my wardrobe. Black washes out my pale-ness so browns are the neutral in my wardrobe.

Most people have certain things they look for in a thrift store: labels, intricate details, etc. I look for clothes in my color family: browns and grays, blues, greens and corals. That way I have a miriad of outfit options because everything generally goes with each other.


Anonymous said...

I look for brand name, color and fit. You look adorable as always. :O)

Unknown said...

such a pretty outfit! I especially love the scarf!

Jenn Mc said...

LOVE the scarf!

Farrah said...

How fun! I'm enjoying your frugal outfits. Where did you get your boots?

Tracy said...

You look so pretty and stylish!

Rebecca Ann said...

I too love your scarf, I love to wear neck scarves that are small as well with a top in the winter to keep my neck warm. I also wear pashmina scarves and crocheted scarves I have made that are long regular scarves as well. I am a scarves girl! I love your oufit, its very nicely pulled together, but still practical! great outfit!

Lynn said...

Beautiful as always! I think you have a classic style. I usually stay away from browns (not always), but I love blues. Browns, yellows, and oranges tend to wash me out. I love black and pink and white and some off-white and I shop by color as well.


Kim said...

I love all of your outfits! They are exactly my style. Only, I have nothing like that. I haven't had much luck around here finding things at thrift stores.
You've encouraged me to keep trying though. You look beautiful! :)

Mindy said...

beautiful outfit!

My daughter used to tease me because if someone complimented me on an outfit I always had to tell them how little I paid for it. Now she is catching the joy of furgal dressing.

Billie Jo said...

Love the teal shirt with black shirt look, very chic!

Me said...

Thanks everyone.

Farrah, I bought both pairs of my vintage boots (circa 1970's) from thrift and consignment shops. Both pairs are extrememly comfortable.