Friday, January 1


Am I the only one that sometimes just NEEDS to be out of doors? Like a breathing air, food and water sort of need?

Today was one of those days, with snow flakes falling in big clumps all day and the quiet of the earth blanketed in snow, and rosy cheeked children and warm (32 is warm, yes!) air.

We walked the fields behind the farm from which we get our milk, pulling babies in wooden sleds, watching the kids laugh and groan at pulling their own sled and fall in a heap with their Papa

taking a tumble down a hill, marveling at animal track and corn still on the stalk, and woodpecker pulling his lunch from a cold tree.

Thrilling from the feel of arms and back aching from pulling babies, snow on my eyelashes, rubbing cold noses with Chase and smiling, I stood.

Face to the empty fields and the majesty of the day filling my heart. Healing. Soothing.

I whispered, to the wind, the words in prayer I knew God understood, heart open, bare before Him. The stillness in the midst of the snowstorm. He is there.

One by one, little legs grew tired. I hoisted Chase into my arms and we walked back to the farm, rubbing noses again, breathing warmth onto chilled fingers, holding little Ella's soft mittened hand in mine.

Milk pails filled, we headed home. Papa and the kiddos fell into sleep or respective chairs and couches with books. Home. Sweet home.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet time. My need to go outside usually occurs in warmer weather. Happy to settle in with a fire and blanket in the winter. :O)

The Watts Family said...

sounds like a wonderful day I did much of the same only it was a little warmer over here~ beautiful pictures ~Blessings & Happy New Year~ Heather

Tesa said...

I will be delighted when our air warms up to 34! This winter's heavy snow and frigid temps have kept this family in too long...
Blessings to you and your family!