Thursday, January 7

Highlights of the Year past

~ We paid off the minivan!

~ Paid off the truck too! Now to chug away at our mortgage, the only remaining debt....

~ Watched a simple faith begin to blossom in a girlfriend as she began her own love story and journey with God. Priceless. One of the true highlights of my year!

~ Overwhelmed by the support our friends showed us in watching our children every Wednesday night so we could take the state's fostering class.

~ Welcomed 23 month old Natalie into our home in October.

~Celebrated my 30th birthday.

~Celebrated a 1st, 3rd, fifth, seventh, nineth and 32nd birthday with those I love most.

~Raised a bottle fed lamb.

~Learned how to butcher a lamb.

~Taught pre-k, kindergarten, second grade and fourth grade without losing my mind.

~Spent many days and afternoons at the lake or swimming holes up north, savoring our brief summer.

~Listened and watched as our older two kids asked to be baptized and were.

~Participated in our first musical with the oldest two children.

~Began writing for a homeschool publication.

~Won a nice giftcard from Pioneer Woman.

~Fell deeper in love with my husband. Celebrated our 11th anniversary!

~Took up running again after ten years. Promptly quit when the cold weather came. I am a fair weather runner, I've decided.
~ Practiced hospitality as much as possible.

~ Watched my husband raise bees and harvest the honey. Grieved with him when the hive swarmed in late fall and the remaining bees died. Still not sure why, maybe the farmer neighbor's round-up spraying? Looking forward to giving it another go this spring...

Those are the happy highlights of the year. I've touched on some of the things God has taught me through the not so pleasant events and plan on doing so further, as God brings us through this difficult valley we are walking now. I have so much to be thankful for and all the praise and glory goes to the Lord.


Anonymous said...

Awesome year with many blessings! :O)

The Watts Family said...

Wonderful year many blessings tucked in there ~Praying your next year will have more joy and blessings than you can imagine ~Heather :)

Holly Days Closet said...

What great year you had. I see you did the foster care I'd love to talk to you about it I've been thinking about it but I'm unsure about it. Thanks for sharing.

Me said...

Holly, send me an e-mail, if you haven't already. My contact info is at the top of the page.

Jen said...

What an eventful year you have had! Like you, I am a fair weather runner. I am taking a winter sabbatical, but in the spring I plan on doing a half-marathon.