Wednesday, December 9

Where in the world is...

No, no one's spilled orange juice on the computer again. And I haven't been smothered by the stash of laundry upstairs waiting to be folded....yet.

While I've been quiet here, our home has been lively and busy.
We made these last week and these today. I really enjoyed making the paper ornaments with the kiddos and hope to sneak away a few minutes to make some more on my own.

The older two kids and I are also in the production of Scrooge (Dickens, A Christmas Carol in musical form) this year. So in between cookie baking and present wrapping and visitation running, I also had to find time to make myself a 1860's costume and bonnet and Annaliese one as well. It really Andrew's gotten by with a pair of knickers from my sister's wedding and a vintage wool suit jacket. With those and his cap, he looks so handsome!

Slowly we are finding our rythmn again with homeschooling with two, very, very active toddlers. Ice skating has also begun again on Fridays. The older kids skate while I try to keep toddlers calm and myself sane in the waiting area. :)

Social services has blessed me in doing part of Natalie's transport on Thursdays so we don't have to hang around for three hours waiting. That means another day home for us, and I am such a homebody, enjoying all the Advent activities with the kids. We've been going through this book at dinner time and tea time, really enjoying it.

We had family in town for two weeks around Thanksgiving, such a wonderful blessing for the kids and we all had a nice time. Sean and I celebrated our eleventh anniversary with a dinner out, in a quiet, lovely restuarant. I am so blessed my my husband and his love for his family. My sister and her husband braved our six, for which I am very thankful.

Tree lights are twinkling and these and these have been made. The snow is flying, kiddos are snug in bed, woodstoves blazing, and we are blessed.


Amy Dingmann said...

Nice to get caught up. Sounds like you are very busy...and very blessed. Enjoy your holidays!

Diane said...

Sounds busy, but well balanced. :O)

Anonymous said...

Like all the cookie recipes. Will have to get started on that this weekend..
We used to make those ornaments when I was a kid, but we used the Christmas cards we got the year before for the paper. and did the edges in glitter.. I am sure the kids would love that.. LOL

sue in NJ