Friday, December 18

What makes our home OUR home

On a quest to be more thankful and joyful in the midst of a difficult season, today I noticed some of the quirky things (and nice things) around me that make our house a home, our home.

The mixer. It is daily in use. Today it was put to work making marshmallows from this recipe. It was a sticky, messy, delicious project the older two kids, Annaliese and Andrew took on with me. We had so much fun poking at the gelatin and licking our fingers. The marshmallows turned out amazingly too!

An umbrella stand that doubles as a wooden sword holder.

Wood stove heat. It was 2 degrees this morning. Wood stoves at either end of the house were kept full all day. I love seeing the kids wake up and congregate by the wood stove while they wait for breakfast.

Sacks of bulk foods waiting to be put away (sugar, flour, wheat berries, and brown rice) picked up yesterday from the co-op we belong to. (The rolled oats bag is just about empty!) Every month we can put in an order and the truck delivers to a friend's house. The prices are much cheaper than when we ordered through a store front co-op.

And a basket of books... I love that my children all love books. That Italian cooking with children book is a great book, if anyone needs a last minute gift idea.

A Charlie Brown Christmas tree. We have a tradition of making a day at the cabin, searching the forest for the perfectly imperfect tree and bringing it home. This year, toddlers daily help me redecorate the bottom and a strand of lights near the top fizzled out, making it all the more endearing.

A basket of tea. I do love baskets, they are so handy and useful for so many things. Friends or neighbors or social workers come by and out comes the basket while the kettle is put on. On cold mornings like this, I let the kids each choose a tea bag and they have morning tea with me. On other days, we sit together in the afternoon for tea time with a good book (The Sign of the Beaver currently), and a special snack.

Squashes and pumpkins across the pantry floor. Blessings of a harvest past.

A basket full of play dough and play dough toys.

My new kitchen motto for dinner prep time. I love it and have wanted one for a long time. This one I found very reasonably on etsy from this seller. It makes me smile everytime I look up and see it.
What things are unique to your home and make you smile?


Catherine Anne said...

Great post! Beautiful warm home!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are many other lovely "quirks" that set your home apart. Hugs to you. :O)

Emma said...

I love this post, your home is perfectly imperfect, especially the adorable Christmas tree. My home is similar, with children the walls always need to be touched up, toys scattered everywhere, and the Christmas tree usually has dinosaur toys stuffed into it lol!!! But it is cozy, and filled with imperfections, unorganized things that make it have warmth and character.