Sunday, December 13

Weekly Menu

Monday am- banana bread, canned pears
lunch - yogurt, Christmas cookies
dinner - chicken spaghetti minus the "cream of" soups. I'll substitute sour cream and some chicken stock instead

Tuesday am -biscuits and gravy
Bake bread (4 loaves)
lunch - sliced cheese, carrots sticks, pepperoni
dinner - grilled cheese, Greek lemon roasted potatoes

Wed am - cinnamon rhubarb muffins
lunch - peanut butter and jelly
dinner - Dutch apple pancakes

Thurs am -banana bread, Greek yogurt with honig
lunch - tuna sandwiches, apple slices
Pick up co-op order!!!!
dinner - venison burger specials, pasta salad

Friday am - apple crisp made with canned apple filling
lunch - yogurt, homemade jello cups
dinner - Subway subs! How's that for gourmet? Annie's mac and cheese for the littles.

Sat am - cranberry and white chocolate scones
lunch - peanut butter and jelly, cookies
dinner - pizza rolls

Sunday am - bagels and cream cheese
lunch - beef stew, biscuits

I'll be baking the loaves of banana bread tonight using some bananas I have on hand. With the heat of the wood stove in the kitchen, they went from green to over ripe in a few days. Two loaves will head into the freezer for Thursday's breakfast, which will leave us with two for Monday morning.

Grocery list:
pepperoni x2
grape tomatoes
one green pepper
tiny jar pimentos
sour cream
chicken stock
1 lb chicken
sliced ham


Ways of Zion said...

I seriously LOVE the fact that cookies is a main part of the lunch! wonderful!

Mrs. B said...

Hi Hannah! I am finally set up to blog myself! And I can leave comments for you, too...

I borrowed the book "Family Feasts for $75 a week" by Mary Ostyn from our local library. I love it. I am implementing some of the strategies this week in my grocery shopping to help cut down our costs even further.

Thank you for posting your meal plans, too. They help me get some ideas!