Friday, December 25

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

On Tuesday night we welcomed friends, new and old, into our home for a birthday party in remembrance of Jesus and his birth long ago in a tiny stable in Bethlehem. This friend, the baker extraordinaire, brought the birthday cake. It was layers of chocolate goodness. I took a photo without the card in my camera, so, alas, no photo!

The kids all had a great time with little hands quickly gobbling up the goodies of Christmas cookies everyone brought to share.
Instead of a traditional gift swap, we took donations for LOVE146 and raised a nice tidy sum to pass on to them and the great work they do.

To finish off our evening, some of the children dug through a basket of dress up clothes and acted out the Christmas story, while Papa read it from the Bible. This was my favorite part of the evening.

Mary wore red calico and looked divine with baby Jesus in her arms. Our littlest angel insisted on butterfly wings because, of course, the angels could fly. The donkey and sheep were played by this friend's creative daughter, while shepherds of mine, and one solitary wise man of hers rounded out the cast.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful time had by all!
Happy Holidays !

sue in NJ